Oman Cement Company develops and markets Al Burj Cement Product

Business Monday 27/September/2021 16:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Cement Company develops and markets Al Burj Cement Product

Muscat: Oman Cement Company (OCC) has developed Al Burj Cement, one of its high-quality cement products and started selling it commercially. This comes as part of the company’s efforts to promote the industrial sector in the Sultanate.

OCC strives to develop cement products that achieve the sustainability of manufacturing operations by conducting more research and innovating new products that keep up with the requirements of the construction and building operations in the country and matches developments in the construction sector.

The production of this new type of cement is considered to be a significant contribution by OCC to achieve self-sufficiency of cement products in the Sultanate and to keep abreast with the requirements of urban development in the country, in addition to optimising the usage of natural resources.

Al Burj Cement is distinguished from other types of cement by its physical properties such as high smoothness and less porosity, which makes it more resistant to salts and elements harmful to concrete. This product is environmentally friendly as it contributes to rationalising the usage of raw materials during the manufacturing process. This in turn results in preserving the stock of natural resources.

On this occasion, Dr Hilal Saif Al Dhamri, Director General of Manufacturing at Oman Cement Company said, “The production of Al Burj Cement started after the success of practical experiments at the company’s laboratories and testing it by a selected group of our main customer. In addition, the Directorate General of Standards and Metrology at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion ensured that our new product fulfils the needs of our customers and the specifications approved by the Directorate. Al Burj Cement also meets the European specifications No: “EN197 BS/EN 42.5N”.

“By developing the new product, Al Burj Cement, in its laboratories after conducting a series of research and studies, OCC aims to keep abreast with new developments in the cement industry and to provide new innovative solutions in the construction sector,” he added.

“Al Burj Cement is an Omani product manufactured from local raw materials. We have decided to manufacture it due to the availability of these raw materials locally. This product is demanded by the local market, and OCC targets marketing Al Burj Cement in the regional market. We have named our new product Al Burj because OCC is keen to highlight Omani historical sights,” Dr Al-Dhamri explained.

General Manager of Manufacturing at OCC pointed out that the company is studying and following up the trends of international markets in the field of construction to supply the Omani market with high-quality products that align with the changes in global markets. He stated that OCC seeks to strengthen its linkages with international research institutions and to participate in specialised events abroad to identify the latest developments in the constructions field and present the Omani experience in manufacturing cement.  

Al-Dhamri demonstrated that OCC seeks to identify the needs of the market through its practical experiences with its customers who provide the Company with their viewpoints about its products to achieve the biggest possible value for construction projects.

It is worth noting that OCC comes at the forefront of cement companies in terms of providing high-quality cement products thanks to its vision that aims to use the latest technologies in the cement production industry. The company strives to fulfil the needs of the local market, and it also pays great attention to the use of energy conservation techniques, renewable energy sources, alternative fuel, as well as recycling wastes to conserve the environment and nature.