India's fuel consumption jumps 18% in June

Business Saturday 09/July/2022 08:11 AM
India's fuel consumption jumps 18% in June

New Delhi: Consumption of petroleum products in India during the month of June soared 17.9 per cent year-on-year to 18.67 million tonne, data from Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas showed.

During the same period of 2021, the fuel intake was 15.84 million tonne. On a month-on-month basis too, the consumption of fuels increased marginally during the previous month.

Some of the products that India consumes are naphtha, liquid petroleum gas, aviation turbine fuel, diesel, petrol, lubricants, greases, bitumen, and petroleum coke, among several others.

A major chunk of the total consumption comes from diesel.

Consumption of motor spirit or petrol grew 23.2 per cent, diesel at 23.9 per cent, and aviation turbine fuel by 129.9, data showed.

A rise in demand for fuels can be attributed to an increase in mobility and the reopening of the economy post the Covid pandemic.

During the same period last year, India was grappling with a severe second wave of the virus, which had limited the demand for fuels to a great extent.