Celebrating World Nature Conservation Day

T-Mag Wednesday 27/July/2022 18:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Celebrating World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day is observed every year on July 28.  The day is commemorated to protect Mother Earth by conserving the various components of nature  including water, air, soil, energy, vegetation, minerals, and fauna.

Today we are facing the wrath of global warming, various diseases, natural disasters, increased temperature, etc, due to the overexploitation of natural resources.

Saving plants and animals that are threatened with extinction is one of the primary focuses of the World Nature Conservation Day. Here are few ways  by which you can conserve the nature

1. Dedicate your time in volunteering for the environment
Participate in weekend community events like beach cleaning, park cleaning and work towards a greener community.

2. Donate for environmental cause
Donate to organisations that work for reforesting, recycling, wildlife conservation etc.

3. Remember the three Rs  ( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
Consume less water and energy. Reduce the use of plastic. Nowadays many online food delivery platforms offer you the option of forgoing plastic forks, knives and spoons. If this option isn’t available, you may be able to use a “special instructions” field to make the same request. By reducing your use of plastic today, you can help write the story of a more sustainable tomorrow.