be’ah signs MoU with Rihal to revolutionise waste inspection using Artificial Intelligence

Roundup Thursday 25/May/2023 11:33 AM
By: Times News Service
be’ah signs MoU with Rihal to revolutionise waste inspection using Artificial Intelligence

Muscat: Oman Environmental Service Holding Company (be'ah) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Rihal at the 32nd edition of COMEX. The MoU is for the development of an AI-based platform that automates bin monitoring and inspection activities. The Detection and Classification Platform presents a major step towards be'ah's strategic objectives of excellence in waste management.

be'ah aims to use machine learning and AI to automate bin monitoring and inspection for effective coverage of municipal bins. The platform will use computer vision to scan, identify, inspect, classify and report bin-related service defaults. The platform will also empower be'ah Service Providers with actionable intelligence to address areas requiring immediate attention via a secure system that enables real-time data collection and reporting. In the long run, the platform will allow be'ah to analyze data clusters, trends and service delivery issues.

Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Aamri, General Manager for Digital Transformation & Cyber Security at be'ah said, "We are excited about this partnership with Rihal as it allows us to integrate innovative technologies into our waste management practices. By emulating the cognitive capabilities of a be'ah Operations Executive, the platform will efficiently monitor and inspect bins, reducing manual inspection time and improving waste collection."

"The platform has the potential to significantly enhance visibility to over a hundred and eighty five thousand municipal bins deployed across the country. This will fundamentally change how waste management services are monitored, evaluated and ultimately delivered." said Eng. Mohsin Mohammed Al-Barwani, General Manager for Municipal Solid Waste Operations Support at be'ah.

The introduction of the AI-based Detection and Classification Platform reflects be'ah's commitment to harnessing technology to tackle waste management challenges. With innovative technologies and strategies, be'ah continues to enable our vision for the preservation of Oman’s environment for future generations.