Germany sees sharp rise in domestic abuse cases

World Tuesday 11/July/2023 14:45 PM
By: DW
Germany sees sharp rise in domestic abuse cases

Frankfurt: The number of recorded domestic violence cases for 2022 had soared by about 9.4% compared with the previous year, the German government said on Tuesday.

About 80% of victims were women in cases involving two partners, with some 78% of perpetrators being men. In 40% of cases, the abuse was committed by an ex-partner while in 60% it was a current one.

According to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the number of rape, sexual coercion, and sexual assault cases also saw a sharp rise.

There were 8.5% more victims compared with the previous year — the number rising to 240,547.

In wider domestic abuse cases, the victims were most likely to be children. In some 37% of cases, the victims were children or grandchildren of the perpetrator with another 18% being other relatives such as nieces or nephews.

Some half of assaults resulted in physical injuries, with about 12% constituting serious bodily harm. Some 5% of assaults were cases of sexual abuse.

Before presenting the report into domestic violence, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser called for a strict approach to dealing with such cases.

"Perpetrators of violence must not quickly disappear off the radar. They must be expelled from the home after the first violent assault," she told the mass-circulation daily newspaper Bild.