Oman’s production of refineries and petrochemicals rises by 1.2%

Business Monday 29/January/2024 17:49 PM
Oman’s production of refineries and petrochemicals rises by 1.2%

Muscat: The Sultanate of Oman’s production of refineries and petrochemicals recorded an increase of 1.2 per cent by the end of December 2023 compared to the corresponding period in 2022, according to preliminary statistics released by the National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

The production of regular gasoline (91) witnessed a 13.7 per cent increase by the end of December 2023, resulting in an 11.2 per cent rise in sales. Additionally, exports of liquefied petroleum gas, paraxylene, and benzene products increased by 82.8 per cent, 163.8 per cent and 76.8 per cent, respectively.

Statistics indicate that the production of gasoline (91) by the end of December 2023 stood at 15,705,600 barrels while its sales reached 14,640,900 barrels. Meanwhile, the production of gasoline (95) went down by 25.6 per cent to reach 11,044,300 barrels as its sales also dropped by 3.9 per cent to reach 12,087,500.

Further, the production of diesel fuel (gas oil) decreased by 0.4 per cent, reaching 32,425,900 barrels, with sales amounting to 14,353,700 barrels. The production of jet fuel increased by 25.3 per cent, totalling 9,866,500 barrels, with sales of 4,429,200 barrels. The production of liquefied petroleum gas went up by 13.9 per cent, reaching 7,861,000 barrels.

Regarding petrochemicals, the production of benzene increased by 59.1 per cent, reaching 138,200 metric tonnes, while the production of paraxylene reached 494,900 metric tonnes, representing a 162.4 per cent increase. The production of polypropylene dropped by 11.1 per cent, amounting to 222,900 metric tonnes.

Oman's exports of gasoline (91) reached 1,221,900 barrels (falling by 23.9 per cent), while the exports of premium gasoline (95) amounted to 580,400 barrels (a decrease of 81.3 per cent).

Exports of diesel fuel (gas oil) reached 18,448,500 barrels, and the exports of jet fuel reached 5,531,900 barrels. Additionally, the exports of liquefied petroleum gas reached 449,200 barrels.

The exports of paraxylene amounted to 493,150 metric tonnes, while the exports of benzene reached 142,240 metric tonnes. The exports of polypropylene dropped by 4.9 per cent, reaching 208,700 metric tonnes.