Tourism booms in Dhofar's autumn season

Oman Friday 15/March/2024 14:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Tourism booms in Dhofar's autumn season

Muscat: The growth rate of tourism flow in Dhofar Governorate reached 18.4%, as visitors to the Dhofar 2023 autumn season.

The number of charter flights in the winter season to Salalah Airport reached 239 direct flights. In addition to an increase in the hotel occupancy rate for categories 5 and 4 stars to exceed 95% in the winter season.

 Khaled bin Abdullah Al Abri, Director General of Heritage and Tourism in Dhofar Governorate, stressed the importance of promoting tourism service projects distributed in various locations in Dhofar Governorate, including the mini tourist oases that the Ministry, in partnership with the Dhofar Municipality, began implementing, beginning with the “Hushir” oasis, which is expected to be completed this year.

 He pointed out that a tender will be issued to develop the “Haywar” Cave in Mount Samhan at the beginning of this year to be a public outlet that includes a number of services and facilities, and an energy fort will be offered for investment, management and operation. A tender will also be issued to rehabilitate two paths for adventure tourism lovers, in addition to completing the signing of a contract for the management, operation and employment of the fort. Mirbat, rebuilding and operating the old market next to the fort with a local company.

 In the field of museums, the Director General of Heritage and Tourism in Dhofar Governorate explained that work is underway to issue a tender to implement the “museum story” for the Land of Frankincense Museum, in addition to a tender to complete restoration work at the Al Baleed and Sumharam archaeological sites, pointing out that during the coming period a bid will be launched for the antiques, gifts, and crafts market. Handicrafts in Al Baleed Archaeological Park, and will be allocated to small and medium-sized companies and Riyada card holders.

 Al-Abri explained that this year will witness the opening of Sadah Fort after the completion of the restoration and maintenance work carried out by the Ministry, as well as the opening of Rakhyut Fort by the investing company in conjunction with World Heritage Day, which falls on April 18 of each year.

 Regarding investment opportunities, the Director General of Heritage and Tourism in Dhofar Governorate said, “The Ministry has more than 20 direct and promising investment opportunities in the governorate, as it is hoped to open a number of hotel projects to enter into operation with the beginning of the Dhofar 2024 fall season."

 Al-Abri stressed that the Ministry is preparing to launch a promotional package targeting the Gulf and foreign markets to promote Dhofar Governorate as an attractive tourist destination, as this year will witness the third edition of the frankincense season, in addition to preparing for the Empty Quarter Festival, which will be in partnership with the relevant government agencies, and the Omani Culinary Arts Festival, which will be in September, it will be held for the first time, along with many diverse events being prepared, targeting all visitors to the governorate.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism continues to implement development projects in Dhofar Governorate in the tourism sector in cooperation with partners from government units and the private sector.