Ministry keen to provide housing options to citizens

Oman Wednesday 24/April/2024 19:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Ministry keen to provide housing options to citizens

Muscat: The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning launched the 'Exchange Your Land' service for facilitating and automating procedures and transactions through digital transformation.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning seeks to improve its services in line with its ambitious vision of 'sustainable urban development for prosperous communities', and to apply the principle of digital transformation in all services, including the government land grant system.

Since the issuance of Royal Decree No. (42/2021) regarding granting government lands, the Ministry has been keen to provide various housing options to citizens entitled for government residential plots, and to make the family a priority in these options, in fulfillment of Oman Vision 2040.

The starting point was “Choose Your Land”, which enables a citizen entitled to government residential lands to choose the appropriate plot according to interactive geographical maps showing the details of the plot within the available residential plans.

More than 25,000 beneficiaries benefited from it during 2023. This was followed by many housing options, such as “Own Your Land,” which allows the beneficiary to acquire distinctive land at a government-subsidised price in distinctive plans and locations with integrated services through interactive geographical maps that show the location and details of the plot.

 “Your Land Plans” enables the beneficiary to designate suitable land in areas where there are no available housing plans and outside the scope of urban planning, provided that it is in the village/area of permanent residence.

The Ministry seeks to provide different options in plans and integrated residential units, such as villas, apartments, and give the beneficiaries an opportunity to live in future city projects, the first of which is Sultan Haitham City. The option of future cities was provided with facilities that enable the beneficiaries to choose what suits them from the available options.

The Ministry launched its new housing option, “Exchange Your Land,” which provides the opportunity for citizens who have been granted government residential land and wish to exchange it for one of the housing options offered, except “Choose Your Land,” in the area of his current work or residence, provided that he is its first owner.

 The Ministry continues its efforts to serve citizens in order to achieve its vision of achieving sustainable urban development for prosperous communities.