Success secrets of CBSE toppers: Regular studies and no phones

Oman Wednesday 15/May/2024 17:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Success secrets of CBSE toppers: Regular studies and no phones

MUSCAT: In a society often engulfed by the allure of digital devices, the remarkable achievement of Riti Mithesh Patel of Indian School Muscat (ISM) and Akshaya Alagappan of Indian School Al Maabela (ISAM), joint toppers of the CBSE class 10th board exams in Oman, sheds light on a different narrative.

Their outstanding success is not just a testament to academic excellence but also to the power of disciplined study routines and a deliberate distancing from mobile phones. Reflecting on their journey to the top, Riti and Akshaya underlined the significance of consistent effort and focused study habits.

Despite the initial aim being set at a respectable 98%, Riti’s remarkable score of 98.8% and Akshaya’s parallel achievement were beyond their own expectations.

Riti expressed her thoughts, and said, “My efforts were sincere, but I expected my score to be 98%. To reach 98.8% is something I will cherish more.”

Akshaya, elated with her unexpected success, admitted, “I am really very happy with my grades as I really didn’t expect to be an Oman topper. I had set my goal to be the school topper. To be Oman topper is certainly like an icing on the cake.”

Their dedication to daily study schedules is evident, with Riti emphasising the quality of study time and Akshaya committing two hours each day.

Riti mentioned, “The quality of time mattered more than the number of hours put in for daily studies,” echoing a sentiment shared by Akshaya, who advocated for regular study sessions as the key to success.


What sets their story apart is their conscious decision to abstain from personal mobile phones until after their class 10th board exams.

In a world where digital distractions are ubiquitous, Riti and Akshaya chose a different path, considering mobile phones as hindrances rather than aids to their academic pursuits.

Riti revealed, “I received my first personal mobile phone only after I gave my class 10th board exams in April.”

 Akshaya shared a similar experience, and said, “It [mobile phone] definitely is a distraction and having a mobile is a disadvantage. I got my first phone only after I had written my board exams.”

The pair’s resolve not only propelled them to success but also inspired peers to reconsider their own relationships with technology.

Riti said, “The fact that I have been keeping away from mobiles has inspired few of my friends to also distance themselves from mobiles.”

Riti’s balanced approach, which included regular visits to the gym even during exams, and Akshaya’s preference for indoor activities like chess, highlight the importance of holistic development alongside academic endeavours. 

Grateful for the unwavering support of their families and teachers, both toppers look forward to pursuing their passions in higher education.

Riti’s parents are engineers with her father, Mitesh Patel, a senior chemical engineer with Worley while Akshaya’s father, Algappan M, is a pharmacist with L&T, Oman. Both the students’ mothers are home makers.

Riti, aspiring to become a doctor with interests in research or bioengineering, expressed gratitude, saying, “I thank my parents and teachers for believing in me and now look forward to achieving my goals. I would give a special mention to Ms Jisha ma’am, our social sciences teacher, but who has been a motherly figure to me and supported me all through.”

Riti celebrated her milestone achievement with friends and later with her parents, where her mother prepared her favorite Indian dish, Pav Bhaji, followed by a delightful pizza party.

Meanwhile, Akshaya’s mother prepared sweets and distributed them to friends. Akshaya mentioned that further celebrations were planned over the weekend, with a sumptuous lunch at their favorite restaurant being the most likely option.

Akshaya, with dreams of pursuing robotics and excelling in India’s IIT JEE competition, acknowledged the invaluable guidance of her schoolteachers and parents.

As they celebrate their remarkable achievement, Riti and Akshaya offer sage advice to their juniors, emphasising the importance of open communication with parents and a steadfast dedication to academic pursuits.

Their stories serve as inspiring examples of the power of discipline, determination, and a mindful approach to technology in achieving academic excellence.