Oman Olympic Committee chief Khalid Al Zubair elected as IOC member

Sports Saturday 16/September/2017 15:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Olympic Committee chief Khalid Al Zubair elected as IOC member

Muscat: In a new milestone for the Sultanate sports, Oman Olympic Committee chief Sheikh Khalid Al Zubair has been officially elected as member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
According to a statement issued by Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) on Saturday, Sheikh Khalid Al Zubair was elected during the 131st Session of the IOC held in the city of Lima, Peru.
“This choice is also a new sports milestone and provides credit and added value to the Omani Olympic Movement which began to bear fruit thanks to the considerable endeavors made by OOC Board in support of Omani sport in various international arenas,” the OOC statement said.
The IOC Executive Board, has suggested eight new names for the IOC membership, including OOC chief Sheikh Khalid Al Zubair.
The selection of Sheikh Khalid Al Zubair to the IOC membership comes within the context of the high standards and principles adopted by the IOC in selecting its members and in coronation of the strenuous and continuing endeavors made by the national committees in achievement of the core objectives set forth in the Olympic Charter.
Oman Olympic Committee under Sheikh Khalid Al Zubair has been working to support and implement the IOC’s activities and programmes as well as the Olympic Solidarity programmes, including training courses for coaches and scholarships for athletes, administrators and technicians as well as other specialised environmental, sports and educational spheres and courses in Olympic legacy and culture, sports medicine, anti-doping and women’s sport.
Objectives and ambitions
During his chairmanship of OOC board, between 2013-2016 term and the current term of 2017–2020, Sheikh Khalid Al Zubair has made significant contribution to epitomising the IOC’s ambitions and expectations by further activating its internal and external activities and events at all levels and by adopting multi-faceted projects and programmes within OOC.
During the recent past, the OOC board was able to achieve the objectives and ambitions it has set with good results attained through the OOC’s participation in meetings of National Olympic Committees and GCC, Arab, Asian and Olympic Games where our various Omani teams performed well and bagged several medals.
Supporting committees
On the internal front, the OOC Board of Directors has set up a number of supporting committees under the theme “Sport for Development”, which is one of the most important objectives of OOC board.
In this respect, 10 supporting committees were set up, namely planning and follow-up, Olympic Solidarity, Anti-doping, Women’s Sport, Athletes, Sport for All, Sport and Environment, Sports Medicine, Media and Marketing.
These committees were set up for specific objectives, including modernisation of administrative and technical work and creation of proper working environment for enhanced productivity and in-house and overseas training of the employees of OOC and sports associations.
Another purpose of these committees is to study, analyse and evaluate various activities, events, programmes and plans from all technical, financial and administrative aspects.
As a result, cooperation continues with the universities and other educational institutions inside and outside the Sultanate in conducting studies and researches, optimally using information technology and providing infrastructures with the ultimate goal of achieving the required coordination and harmony.
The OOC board has also set up the Dispute Resolution and Arbitration for Sport Committee located in the same building with the OOC and Sports Associations. The committee is now performing its duties and terms of reference in accordance with the Dispute Resolution and Arbitration for Sport Regulations put in place following the formation of this committee.
Sports marketing
In the field of sports marketing, the OOC has launched an integrated sports support programme, an initiative intended to activate and strengthen the relationship between the private sector and the sports sector in Oman. The initiative continues to have a positive bearing at all levels and provides a holistic vision and proper scientific approach in marketing. As a result, a number of support and sponsorship agreements were signed between the private sector and sports association.
Olympic Solidarity
Oman also hosted in April, 2017 the Regional Forum of Olympic Council of Asia/Olympic Solidarity for West and South Asia which was widely attended by prestigious components of these organisations.
It is worth mentioning that Sheikh Khalid Al Zubair is the first elected chairman of Oman Olympic Committee during the first electoral session held in 2013. Sheikh Khalid’s selection was the result of the extensive and diverse experience and knowledge he has acquired over the years in various sports and administrative fields.