Tips you should try while applying foundation

T-Mag Thursday 23/May/2019 10:07 AM
By: Times News Service
Tips you should try while applying foundation

Everyone knows how foundation is done, right? But in the field of makeup, there’s always something new to learn. Here are 6 tips you need to know.
Dampen sponges for a dewy finish
This is the least complicated way to get the dewy look (others requiring not just skill but patience). Dampen your beauty blender a little more than you usually would and instead of the regular foundation, use a water-based gel foundation. The water from the sponge will make sure your makeup ends up with a light and dewy finish.
Mix for the perfect shade
When 05 is too dark, and 04 is too light, simply create your own shade in the middle by mixing them both. And no, it’s not the ‘expensive’ alternate. Think about it, the two bottles used together will last you just as long as if you’d bought two bottles of the same shade and used them one after another.
Keep it hydrated
The best way to combat the flaking foundation is to mix it with a little face oil. You can also work this vice-versa if you are primarily looking for moisturising but want a hint of foundation to even out your skin tone. Start with smaller amounts, so you get the proportion right.
Fingers over brushes
There is nothing wrong with applying foundation with your fingers. We just thought it was essential to clarify that after all the different applicators burst into the marketing. The natural heat from your fingers actually helps to diffuse the foundation, making it easier to apply. Not to mention, unlike sponges, your fingers barely ‘soak up’ any foundation.
Right light
You’ll never know how well you’ve applied your foundation unless you see it in the right light. Yellow lighting will always make it look more even than it is. The best is to check it under natural light.
Enhance the right features
Foundation is to hide flaws, not highlight them. But if applied wrong, it ends up doing the latter. Always start the application from an area like your cheeks. Don’t start with the smile lines, wrinkles, and other obvious creases as makeup can get into these creases and highlight imperfections.
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