Expat labour law violators in Oman to be sent back to home

Energy Wednesday 04/March/2020 19:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Expat labour law violators in Oman to be sent back to home

Muscat: Expatriates in Oman who have been found guilty of violating the country’s labour laws will be sent back home.
While these workers were initially flown home on Oman Air, the country’s national carrier, the Ministry of Manpower will also begin transporting those workers facing deportation on SalamAir, after an agreement was signed between the airline and government agencies.
Commenting on this, an official from the Ministry of Manpower told the Times of Oman, “The cooperation programme is aimed at the expatriate workers who have violated the laws and regulations issued by their place of work, the Royal Oman Police or other entities. SalamAir will now transport the violating expatriate workers to home countries alongside Oman Air.”
A statement issued by the Ministry of Manpower provided more details on this agreement, which was signed by Abdullah Al Bakri, the Minister of Manpower, and Salam Air’s Dr Anwar Al Rawas, the chairman of the Board of Directors.
The statement said, “The cooperation programme aims to benefit from the procedures for transporting the expatriate workforce whose services have been terminated in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Law, and therefore must return to their destinations of origin in their home countries, on the most direct flight route available. This comes as a result of the support provided to companies in the country, as part of the cooperation between the government and the private sector to improve Oman’s labour market.”
Adding to this, Captain Mohamed Ahmed, CEO of SalamAir, said, “We are happy to start these new relations with the Ministry of Manpower as we continue our commitment to cooperate closely with the government sector.”