Oman to set up 200-bed field hospital to treat COVID-19 patients

Oman Sunday 05/July/2020 14:08 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman to set up 200-bed field hospital to treat COVID-19 patients

Muscat: A field hospital will be set up and equipped with 200 beds for the treatment of people suffering from COVID-19.
The hospital will be built in accordance with the Ministerial Resolution No. 95/2020, based on Royal Decree No. 36/144, which defines the terms of reference of the Ministry of Health, and enables it to adapt its organisational structure based on current needs.
Article (1) states: A working group headed by the Development Advisor in the Minister’s office is to be formed, with the members of this group being the Director General of Specialised Medical Care, the Director General of the Royal Hospital, the Director General of Nursing Affairs, the Director General of Projects and Engineering Affairs, the Director of the Centre for Emergency Management, the Director of Hospital Affairs, and Directorate of Specialised Medical Centres.
Article (2) adds: The work team will supervise the establishment, equipping and operation of a field hospital with a capacity of 200 beds for the treatment of people with COVID-19.
Article (3) says: The work team can seek the assistance of any specialists to perform its tasks, and it may choose to form sub-working teams from its members or other specialists, and define their tasks in light of the capabilities of the team.
Article (4) states: The team leader is to submit a weekly report on the results of the work of his team.
Article (5) says: This decision shall be enforced from the date of its issuance, and each specialist tasked with its implementation is to do so within its jurisdiction